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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man (1955)

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Our front yard after a fresh snowfall. [ 01-002 ]

Fresh snowfall

Real tinsel [ 01-003 ]

Real tinsel

Autumn mist [ 01-006 ]

Frosted pine

Flaming aspens above Cub Lake. [ 01-015 ]

Multi-colored autumn aspens

Winter dawn [ 01-020 ]

Dawn sky

Sunlit patterns in icy cold water at Buttonrock Preserve. [ 02-040 ]

Sunlit ripples

Young elk near Cub Lake. [ 02-051 ]

Young elk

Coney Creek above Wild Basin. [ 03-067 ]

Coney Creek beyond Finch Lake

Beautifully pattered mushrooms alongside the Buchanan Pass Trail. [ 04-083 ]

A cluster of brown mushrooms

Cow Creek Trail gently winding up the valley. [ 04-101 ]

Trail winding up the valley

Upper Bridal Falls. [ 04-104 ]

Falls cascading down rock shelves

Line of sight (on the trail to Gem Lake). [ 05-110 ]

Looking through a hole in a large boulder

Grace [ 05-113 ]

Salsify seed head

A unique rock formation (on the trail to The Loch). [ 05-132 ]

Like gigantic teeth crunching rock candy

A favorite pond (on the trail between Lake Haiyaha and The Loch). [ 06-134 ]

An unnamed pond on the way to Lake Haiyaha

The breathtaking view of the creek meandering through the wide, long meadow in front of Mount Craig. [ 06-154 ]

Autumn grasses, the sky and clouds reflected in the creek, aspens turning golden on the hillside

First glimpse of Lake Verna (a return visit: we camped here some 15 years ago). [ 06-165 ]

Cresting a rise, looking down at Lake Verna

A gorgeous view of reflected sky and clouds at Finch Lake. [ 07-185 ]

Moments after this shot, the sky filled with gray clouds and it began sprinkling. That was the last we saw of the sun.

I love the way the pale green lichen opens to reveal the softest peach insides. [ 09-240 ]

Pale green lichen with peach insides on salmon-colored rock

Love this rock formation high above the river at Buttonrock Preserve. [ 09-247 ]

Close up of the hand and fingers

Degrees of reflection. [ 09-257 ]

Rock hillside reflected in a small pool of melt water surrounded by ice

It was about 10 F (-12 C) when I arrived home this evening, yet I couldn't stop just standing there in awe as the bright and very large moon rose slowly over the ridge top. "In reality, from the top of the ladder, standing erect on the last rung, you could just touch the Moon if you held your arms up." The Distance of the Moon by Italo Calvino. [ 09-258 ]

Big end-of-year moon

A delicately beautiful ice formation over a little tributary of the St. Vrain river. [ 09-267 ]

Delicate fingers of ice reach across the water and comingle

Lone pine atop rock wall near the entrance to Buttonrock Preserve. [ 10-270 ]

Salmon-colored rock wall with splashes of yellow lichen and a lone, gnarled Ponderosa on top

Painted water surface. [ 10-275 ]

Hints of a deep blue sky play across the rippled surface of the water interspersed with areas of dark slate gray

Ice, snow, wind, sun. [ 10-279 ]

One of my favorite photographs: the snow on ice looks like the reflection of sun on water

The North St. Vrain Creek (before the flood of 2013). [ 10-285 ]

The river glides gently through a course of snow capped boulders and rocks

Ponderosa bark [ 10-289 ]

I love the orange hues of some of the ponderosas

We had an unexpectedly large snowfall Friday night and Saturday. In the afternoon, it was warm enough to melt a little bit of the snow, but not much, then it turned very cold last night (5 F) and only warmed up to barely 20 F today. This caused something we had never seen before along the river: all of the rock faces were decorated with icicles … there were thousands of them. [ 10-291 ]

Icicles hanging on a rock face at Buttonrock

Moss and lichen party. [ 10-299 ]

Moss and lichen party on a rock

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