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Our front yard during an October snow storm.

October snow

Our front yard after a fresh snowfall.

Fresh snowfall

Real tinsel

Real tinsel

Sky over Buttonrock Preserve.

Sky over Buttonrock Preserve

First snow of season.

First snow

Autumn mist

Frosted pine


Trail to Calypso Cascades.

Trail to Calypso Cascades

Wild Basin

Wild Basin

Garima and Tosh at Calypso Cascades.

Two buddies enjoying the waterfall

Purple Fringe

Purple Fringe flower

Garima next to a July snow bank at Finch Lake.

We were surprised to find so much snow in July!

Spanish Beard along the trail to Finch Lake.

In places the trees were full of old man's beard

Garima celebrating our arrival at Finch Lake.

Garima as we arrived at Finch Lake

Coney Creek near Finch Lake.

Coney Creek

Creek along Buchanan Pass Trail.

Stream along Buchanan Pass Trail

Garima on the Buchanan Pass Trail.

Garima on a large boulder in Middle St. Vrain Creek

Middle St. Vrain Creek along the Buchanan Pass Trail.

Beautiful sunlit creek spilling through forest

Garima standing beneath a giant fallen tree at Muir Woods.

Wonder woman holding up a fallen redwood

Tosh standing in front of a giant tree at Muir Woods.

Some of these redwoods go up seemingly forever!

Looking up and up and up the truck of a redwood at Muir Woods.

Beneath our hands, we could feel the tree humming with a low vibration

Tosh crossing the creek on the way to Sandbeach Lake.

On one of the narrow log bridges

Sand Beach Lake (10,283')

Sand Beach Lake

Garima at Sandbeach Lake.

Garima under the bright sun at 10,000 feet

A glimpse of Wild Basin from the trail to Sandbeach Lake.

The trail climbs up alongside Wild Basin

Wild Basin

A full view of the beautiful Wild Basin area

Splash of autumn color at Buttonrock Preserve.

Buttonrock autumn

Garima on the way up to Cub Lake.

Garima on the trail climbing to Cub Lake

Looking down at Cub Lake in the autumn.

Cub Lake autumn

Autumn aspens above Cub Lake.

Cub Lake aspens

Flaming aspens above Cub Lake.

Multi-colored autumn aspens

Aspens on a hillside above Cub Lake.

Golden aspens mingled with pines on a hillside

Sawtooth Mountains from Buchanan Pass trail.

Sawtooth Mountains

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner 2011, Hall Ranch.

Hall Ranch Thanksgiving

Hall Ranch

Hall Ranch

Ralph Price Reservoir

Ralph Price Reservoir

Winter dawn

Dawn sky

Winter sunset

Sunset on a stormy winter evening

Beaver dam on the South St. Vrain.

Beaver dam

A snowy river at Buttonrock.

The river runs black and sparkling through snow covered hillsides

Even though it was quite chilly, we kept nice and warm … as long as we kept moving and were in the sun!

Tosh at Buttonrock Preserve matching the snow with his silver belly cowboy hat

Snowy rock formation at Buttonrock.

The snow accents a steep rocky hillside

Garima climbing uphill next to the dam face at Buttonrock.

Garima pauses on the steep trail up alongside the dam face

The steep trail up alongside the dam face.

The top is in sight!

Enjoying a winter lunch at Buttonrock Preserve.

Winter lunch at Buttonrock Preserve

Longs Peak peaking over the reservoir at Buttonrock Preserve.

Buttonrock Preserve reservoir

Snow feathers at Buttonrock Preserve - 1.

Snow feathers

Snow feathers at Buttonrock Preserve - 2.

Snow feathers along the river

Snow feathers at Buttonrock Preserve - 3.

Snow feathers on an ice shelf

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