Playing in softly glowing light

Shoji lamps

The Diamond Sutra shoji lamp, a rectangular lamp whose sides are in the proportions of the golden mean. The outer frame is made from maple. The inner frame is made with mahogany. The faces are backed with thin washi, traditional Japanese paper. The glow of the bulb within can be seen.Shoji lamps are a wonderful medium for me to play with, combining my favorite elements.

Light is the energy of life.

Wood is an expression of light, continuing to vibrate with its energy even after being harvested, radiating warmth to the touch and eye.

Washi, the paper used in a shoji lamp, is woven magic, taking some of the light passing through for itself, and in so doing producing a glow that is softer, warmer, more inviting.

Designing and creating these lamps is my personal expression of the energy of light. This series of lamps represents a journey through time, beginning with some of my earlier creations and ending with my most recent: Shoji lamps.

Quick links to the lamps, from earliest to most recent:

  1. The Sadhvi lamp
  2. The Chiara lamp
  3. The Mandala lamp
  4. The Expressions lamps
  5. The Leela lamp
  6. The LuminAria lamp
  7. The Luna lamp
  8. The Numinosity lamp
  9. The Pentafleur lamp
  10. The Windtraveler lamp
  11. On my workbench

Rabbit holes

A wireframe illustration of a dodecahedron balanced on a pentagonal baseMany of the lamps are accompanied by a journey you can take to explore a bit more about the lamps, their designs, and what I learn while creating them.

If you'd enjoy doing a little exploring, take a leap down these rabbit holes to discover some of the delights and oddities of the world of light, shapes, and design, for example into the world of frolicking pentagons:


A jack plane and maple shavings on a workbench.Woodworking is one of the greatest gifts I give myself, my personal recipe for contentment. I love the slow, meditative process of creating, and appreciate the way it helps balance the insanity of this crazy world we live in.

My reflections on woodworking include a glimpse of some of my projects, as well as the techniques, tools, and resources that make them possible: Reflections.

Quick links to my woodworking reflections:

  1. Recipe for contentment
  2. A glimpse of my woodworking:
    a) Overview
    b) Windtraveler shoji lamp
    c) Pentafleur shoji lamp
    d) Bed platform
    e) Workbench
  3. Woodworking tools:
    a) Power saws
    b) Routers
    c) Sanders
    d) Clamps
    e) Squares
    f) Handsaws
    g) Edges – hand planes and chisels
    h) Etc – Odds & ends
  4. Learning resources
  5. Sources for tools and supplies
  6. Is it worth it?

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