Is it worth it?

Woodworking is an insane hobby. Instead of passing free time at leisure activities, woodworkers end up spending weekends and even vacations working in our shops. Good wood is expensive, often costing more than you'd pay for an equivalent mass-manufactured piece of furniture; it takes a lot of looking to find good pieces; and it can be really cantankerous to work with. There's always one more tool you wish you had but can't quite justify the expense of or can't quite fit into your shop. And for some strange reason, the people you live with might not love sawdust as much as you do!

Just before I started working on this page I wandered around my shop a bit, spent a little time hanging a newly arrived saw and enjoying the scent of recently cut pine. Then I went into the house, sat down in my work nook, and looked around at the wood glowing in the beautiful early afternoon winter sun.

A view of my work nook

Over the course of several years and in between house remodeling projects, I built all the furniture in my nook with my own hands from maple, oak, poplar, pine, just a bit of walnut and mahogany, and some old barn wood.

The nook fits me perfectly. At least for me, it is worth it.

The painting you can see on the monitor was done by my beloved, Garima, and is featured on the cover of her book, Kitchen Botany. Her painting helps nudge me toward a more cheerful place whenever I start and finish a session on the computer.

Kitchen Botany by Garima Fairfax

I made a special maple frame for the actual painting with fully rounded edges and corners to give it a softness that matches the feel of the painting, which brings its good cheer into our lives daily.

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