Living – Places: 2


Last rays of sunset beneath storm clouds.

Sunset beneath storm clouds

Beaver dam along the South St. Vrain (before the flood).

Beaver dam in snow

Ice puzzle at Buttonrock Preserve.

Ice shapes in reservoir

Wait … this isn't the Rockies (a brief visit to a bamboo forest in Oahu).

Bamboo forest

Immersed in the bamboo.

Deep in the bamboo forest

Garima relaxing at our cottage in Kailua.

Garima in Kailua

Hiking up the Sleepy Lion trail.

Sleepy Lion trail

Sentinel tree on the Sleepy Lion trail.

Sentinel tree

A beautiful view of Mount Meeker at Buttonrock Preserve.

View of Mount Meeker

An old wall at Buttonrock Preserve.

Old rock wall

Garima enjoying the view.


The North St. Vrain at Buttonrock Preserve (before the flood).

North St. Vrain river

Poplars budding out at Buttonrock Preserve.

Poplars in Spring

Sunlit patterns in icy cold water.

Sunlit ripples

Large balanced rock along the shore at Buttonrock Preserve.

Balance rock

Closeup of balanced rock showing the small rock that's holding it up.

Balanced rock closeup

The valley leading into Moraine Park.

Moraine Park

Dappled river stones.

River stones

View across Cub Lake.

Cub Lake

Wandering down the trail towards The Pool.

Hillside trail

Big Thompson River along the Fern Lake trail.

Big Thompson River

Tenacious Lambert's Loco Weed (in the middle of a drought!).

Loco Weed

Elk grazing alongside Cub Lake.

Elk at Cub Lake

Chiara, Garima, and Tosh at Cub Lake.

With friends at Cub Lake

Young elk near Cub Lake.

Young elk

Bridge at The Pool.

Wooden bridge

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