Living – Places: 3

2012 (continued)

Western Wallflower.

Western Wallflower

Rock wall along the South St. Vrain.

Natural rock wall

On Trail Ridge Road looking out over Rocky Mountain National Park.

View of Rocky Mountain National Park

View towards Terratomah Mountain.

Terratomah Mountain

The Stanley Hotel.

Stanley Hotel

View of High Park Fire from Estes Park.

Gigantic smoke plume from High Park Fire

Mount Tileston and Mummy Mountain.

View towards Mount Tileston and Mummy Mountain

Trail to Fern Lake.

Winding through the trees on the way to Fern Lake

Fern Falls

The chaos at Fern Falls

Garima enjoying the music of Fern Falls.

Garima at Fern Falls

The trail climbing above Fern Falls.

The trail past Fern Falls

Fern Lake

View across Fern Lake

The Gable beyond Fern Lake.

The Gable

Finch Lake

First glimpse of Finch Lake through the trees

Coney Creek

Coney Creek beyond Finch Lake

Finch Lake

View of the grasses growing in Finch Lake

Small blue Damselflies in the shore grasses at Finch Lake.

Blue Damselflies in the grasses

Twisted Pine on the trail to Finch Lake.

Twisted Pine

The garden alongside our home.

Stone walkway, garden, and shed

The trail to Calypso Cascades.

Trail through a young aspen forest

Winding through verdant undergrowth.

Trail to Calypso Cascades disappears into undergrowth

Passing over a steep log retaining wall (before the floods of September 2013, when everything here was washed away).

A steep retaining wall (since washed away)

Passing through a steep boulder field.

Gigantic lichen-covered boulders tumbling down the steep hillside

The trail passes alongside a giant moss covered boulder.

Gigantic moss-covered boulder

The lily pad pond on the way to Pear Lake (we saw it once in bloom: wow!).

Small pond full of lily pads

First glimpse of Copeland Mountain.

Copeland Mountain towering above a hillside

Pear Lake (10,582')

Pear Lake nestled beneath Copeland Mountain

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