Living – Places: 4

2012 (continued)

A luxuriant grassy opening along the creek flowing out of Pear Lake.

Grass along the creek

The stream feeding out of Pear Lake.

Stream in the forest

Garima heading back down towards Finch Lake.

The trail back down

View of the Middle St. Vrain Creek from the bridge crossing to the Buchanan Pass Trail.

Middle St. Vrain Creek

Beautifully pattered mushrooms alongside the Buchanan Pass Trail.

A cluster of brown mushrooms

White fungi alongside the Buchanan Pass Trail.

Spiky white fungi

View of the Middle St. Vrain Creek.

Middle St. Vrain Creek in forest

Heading up the Buchanan Pass Trail.

Tosh walkin up the Buchanan Pass Trail

Another view of the Middle St. Vrain Creek.

Rushing creek

Our lunch spot.

Sitting alongside the creek

Thin white fungi on a fallen tree.

Fungi growing on a fallen tree

Toadstool and wild strawberry.

Red and white toadstool alongside a tiny wild strawberry

Trees with old man's beard.

Trees along the river draped with old man's beard

The North St. Vrain Creek along the Ouzel Lake Trail.

View of the North St. Vrain Creek

Garima heading up the Ouzel Lake Trail.

Garima walking up the trail into trees

Determined toadstool.

Small toadstool pushes its way up through larger rocks

First glimpse of Ouzel Lake.

Ouzel Lake seen from the outlet

Tosh and Garima – hiking buddies.

Standing in front of Ouzel Lake

Ouzel Lake.

View of Ouzel Lake through the pines

Ouzel Lake – another view.

View of Ouzel Lake

Pristine water.

View of the rocks in the lake along the shore

Our lunch spot at Ouzel Lake.

Rock outcropping at Ouzel Lake

Ouzel Creek.

Creek rushing through the pines

Old ponderosa stump alongside Cow Creek Trail.

Colorful stump

Cow Creek Trail.

Trail wandering along hillside

Cow Creek Trail gently winding up the valley.

Trail winding up the valley

Small pool on the trail to Bridal Falls.

Tranquil pool

Looking down from above Bridal Falls.

Creek sliding down rock shelves

Upper Bridal Falls.

Falls cascading down rock shelves

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