Living – Places: 5

2012 (continued)

The creek alongside a campsite we stayed at years ago.

The creek alongside canpsite

Looking out over Estes Park from Gem Lake Trail.

View across the Estes Park valley

Rock wall of Lumpy Ridge alongside Gem Lake Trail.

Massive Lumpy Ridge rock wall

Unique rock formation.

Many layered pancake rock

Garima and a unique rock formation.

Many layered pancake rock wall

Rock outcropping along Gem Lake Trail.

Jumbled rock outcropping

Line of sight.

Looking through a hole in a large boulder

Entering the Park.

Sign welcoming hikers to Rocky Mountain National Park

First glimpse of the Twin Owls on the Lumpy Ridge Trail spur off the Gem Lake Trail.

Twin Owls rock outcropping from the side

View across the valley towards the Continental Divide.

View west towards the Continental Divide


Paintbrush in full bloom


Salsify seed head

Full view of Twin Owls from Lumpy Ridge Trail.

Twin Owls rock outcropping

Lumpy Ridge: The Bookend

The Bookend rock formation

Garima walking up valley along Lumpy Ridge.

Heading up trail across open valley

Enjoying the music of a stand of quaking aspens, which would be our lunch spot.

Garima on the trail besides a large stand of quaking aspens

Heading down the last stretch of trail towards Cow Creek Trailhead.

Trail winding downhill

The view from Glacier Gorge trailhead.

First hints of autumn aspens

Winding up through a young aspen forest.

Young aspens surround the trail

First view of Glacier Creek.

The trail runs along Glacier Creek

Alberta Falls

View of Alberta Falls from the trail

View out over Rocky Mountain National Park.

Panoramic view of the Park

Climbing up into Glacier Gorge.

The trail climbs up into the gorge

Crossing the creek on the way up.

The creek coming down from Mills Lake

Massive area of solid stone bedrock.

Garima walking across a massive area of solid bedrock

Tenacious old pine.

A gnarled and wind twisted pine

First glimpse of Mills Lake.

Mills Lake from the outflow end

Sitting lakeside at Mills Lake.

Along the shore of Mills Lake

Our last view of Mills Lake as we're leaving.

A full view of Mills Lake on the way out

The billy goat trail up to The Loch.

Steep trail up a steep and rocky hillside

Looking down through a hole eroded in the trail side.

Looking straight down at the creek far below

First glimpse of The Loch.

First view of the lake

At the shoreside of The Loch.

The view of the lake from the shore

Our lunch spot at The Loch.

Looking out over the lake at the glacial basin beyond

A well-earned retirement along the lake shore.

A gnarled piece of driftwood

Garima on the way down from The Loch.

Hiking down the steep trail from The Loch

A unique rock formation.

Like gigantic teeth crunching rock candy

Icy Brooks stream tumbling down from The Loch.

Stream falling through the gorge carved by glaciers

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