Living – Places: 6

2012 (continued)

A favorite pond.

An unnamed pond on the way to Lake Haiyaha

Majestic Krumholz pine tenaciously guarding Lake Haiyaha.

Must be hundreds of years old

Gnarled and weather beaten, but vibrating with life.

Closeup of the ancient pine

Lake Haiyaha

First view of the lake

Our lunch spot on a massive boulder jutting out into Lake Haiyaha.

Surrounded by a pristine glacial lake

The glacial basin that flows into Lake Haiyaha.

Looking across the lake up into the glacial basin above

View across lake country.

From high above we could see the next lakes we would visit

Looking back towards Glacier Gorge.

We were surprised to see how far we'd come

The trail wanders through tall pines.

On the trail down towards Dream Lake

First view of Dream Lake.

Nestled below towering mountain peaks

The crystal clear water in Dream Lake.

So still it almost seems like it's not there

The beautiful green tint seen in the deeper parts of Dream Lake.

The tint is caused by the way light reflects off the minerals in the glacial dust in the lake

Totally relaxed trout.

Swimming unconcerned a few feet away from us

Emerald Lake in the glacial basin above Dream Lake.

As steep a shoreline as you could imagine

Delicate waterfall above Emerald Lake.

Falling nearly straight down the steep walls of the gorge

Passing by Nymph Lake on the way down to Bear Lake.

A big pond really, ringed with water lilies

A quick glimpse of Bear Lake in an end-of-day rain.

Tired and now getting cold and wet, we still wanted to say hello to Bear Lake

Adam Falls, on the trail to Lake Verna.

The music of the falls was beautiful

The valley leading up towards Lake Verna.

Lush autumn grasses along the creek

The trail passes through a mixed forest.

The lovely feeling of a trail passing through forest

The breathtaking view of the creek meandering through the wide, long meadow in front of Mount Craig.

Autumn grasses, the sky and clouds reflected in the creek, aspens turning golden on the hillside

An interesting rock outcropping (and a very steep drop-off on the other side!).

Like Phyllo pastry or petrified wood

Looking up past craggy outcroppings into the endless blue sky.

A steep hillside of green aspens offsets the brilliant blue of the sky

Passing by a stand of some of the first golden aspens.

Up high on the side of steep ravine

After a taxing climb, we found a deep, tranquil pool to rest alongside.

The water came rushing in a narrow opening and then stilled before tumbling over into the valley below

Climbing again, following the creek.

Creek flowing through thick forest

Our lunch spot at the beautiful Lone Pine Lake.

A lone pine stands on a rock island to the left

The glacial spillway tumbling down towards Lone Pine Lake.

The creek threads its way down a steep jumble of sharp boulders

Just alongside the trail.

A very gentle waterfall spills over a small rock ledge

After a very steep climb, looking back.

Very quickly, Lone Pine Lake was far below

After much climbing, a gentle valley leads towards Lake Verna.

A stretch of perfect trail running along a steep hillside covered in white autumn flowers

First glimpse of Lake Verna (a return visit: we camped here some 15 years ago).

Cresting a rise, looking down at Lake Verna

Along the shore of Lake Verna.

It's surprising how large the lake is given how high in the mountains its nestled

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