Making a book stand – 11

My portable table saw on the rolling stand I made for it


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The width of the oak varied a bit, so I ran all the pieces through my table saw to make each piece was the exact same width.

My shop is small, so I made wheeled stands for all my tabletop tools (table saw, table router, miter saw, bandsaw, and planer). That way I can roll the one I'm using into the main work area, and roll the others to the sides. I put the most effort into this stand, adding folding wings and a really good guard, which cost nearly as much as the saw itself. Worth it? Well, the other day a guy at work came in with bandages on three of the fingers of one of his hands. He had sliced off the tips, and halfway down to the first joint of one of them. That will never happen with this guard. Yeah, it's worth it!

LATER UPDATE: See my Tools – Power Saws⩘  page for updated information about my evolutionary journey with table saws.

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