Rhombicuboctahedron 4

The Zometool

LuminAria lamp pictureI used the Zometool⩘  to create a model of this shape, which was originally described by Archimedes.

In fact, although this Archimedean solid presented me with an interesting challenge as a woodworker, it is a pretty mundane shape in the Zometool universe (although requiring special blue-green struts that are not a part of their standard kits).

The Zometool can be used to build tetrahedra (65 different shapes), golden rectangle spirals, fractal shapes, various polyhedra, as well as many architectural shapes such as pyramids and domes.

Additional resources

Two of the best polyhedra-related sites I've come across:

  • George Hart's site (www.georgehart.com⩘ ) contains pictures of his polyhedra-based sculptures, as well as a wealth of polyhedra information and illustrations.
  • Fr. Magnus Wenninger at St. John's Abbey in Minnesota has been making polyhedra models for 40 years: (Wikipedia biography⩘ ).

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