Living – Places: 34

I reflected that everything happens to a man precisely, precisely now. Centuries of centuries and only in the present do things happen….
– Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden of Forking Paths


As I headed out early the first morning of this new year to start shoveling snow, I couldn't help but feel incredibly grateful.

Yesterday, we were stunned and saddened when hundreds of people lost their homes in just a few hours to a raging wildfire in the suburbs south of nearby Boulder, Colorado, a fire that was driven by truly frightening winds that were gusting above 100 miles per hour. In the evening, the winds finally calmed down and it began to snow; alas, too late for all those families whose homes burned.

This snowfall was the first significant precipitation we've had in months and months, meaning we've had a frightfully dry summer and fall. So as I stood looking at our little home blanketed in snow, deeply appreciating the incredible natural beauty surrounding us, relief and thankfulness flushed through me that we are safe and warm for another day.

New Year's Day: first snowfall of winter

I'm always so grateful for the glow of a sunny morning the day after a big snow.

Ponderosas glowing with snow in the early morning sunlight

Yesterday, we had some very strange weather. Although the temps hovered between 20 - 25 F the entire day, it also was foggy and misting all day long. I guess the temps were warmer higher up? By evening, everything was more slippery than I've ever experienced before in the 20+ years we've lived here. Even the gravel driveway. This morning, too. Can't even step out the door without Yaktrax ICEtrekkers on my boots. The upside is that the trees and wildgrasses are simply stunning in today's early morning sunshine!

Frost covered ponderosa trees

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