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I'm incurably curious about many aspects of this journey of ours. Here are a few.

NASA: 2012 Venus transit of the Sun

Image of Venus in front of an enormous sun⩘ 

Taking the sting out of shots

The smiling Buzzy vibrator. Brilliant!⩘ 

Plastic bulb development promises better quality light

From the BBC:⩘ 

Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg

The delight of surprise:⩘ 

Linotype: The film

I love this story.⩘ 

A very cool hat

Head n Home Breeze hat: copper

This is what I wear when hiking in warmer weather.⩘ 

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

Fascinating talk.⩘ 

What the octopus can teach us about national security

From the BBC: Military tactics from the octopus⩘ .

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Always look ahead and above yourself.
Always try to improve on yourself.
Always strive to elevate your craft.
That's what he taught me.
– Yoshikazu Ono, Jiro's son⩘ 

The myth of the 8-hour sleep

From the BBC:⩘ 

NASA: Blue Marble - Eastern Hemisphere

View of the earth's eastern hemisphere⩘ 

NASA: Blue Marble - Western Hemisphere

View of the earth's western hemisphere⩘ 

The Hobbit House

A gorgeous home designed and built by Simon Dale.⩘ 

Realistic paintings of fruit by Dennis Wojtkiewicz⩘ 


NASA: A lunar eclipse

Five images of the moon lined up so that the shadow of the sun is outlined

An incredible composite image of a lunar eclipse.⩘ 

The Tree Mother of Africa

The Tree Mother of Africa, Wangari Maathai, was laid to rest in Kenya. I was deeply moved by her memoir, Unbowed. A courageous champion of human rights and peace, she also inspired the planting of tens of millions of trees in her country, Kenya, and around the world. I will miss her voice, but will continue to be inspired by her compassion and courage.

"To me, a general orientation toward trusting people and a positive attitude toward life and fellow human beings is healthy—not only for one's peace of mind but also to bring about change. This belief came from a combination of my education and my Kikuyu heritage, which taught me a deep sense of justice."

More info: The Green Belt Movement⩘ 

A real person, a lot like you

A short video by Derek Sivers⩘ .

Say something nice

Picture this: A podium on a busy street inviting people to say something nice⩘ . From Improv Everywhere.

Incredible shade illusion

It's really fascinating the way our brains make sense of visual information. MIT Professor Edward H. Adelson published this optical illusion in 1995 that shows two squares that look to be very different shades of gray but are in fact identical.

Unintended consequences

From one of my favorite thinkers, danah boyd, "The Unintended Consequences of Obsessing Over Consequences (or why to support youth risk-taking)."⩘ 

404 page

By conceptual artist Steve Lambert. I still chuckle any time I revisit this.⩘ .

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Hubble's deepest view ever of the universe unveils earliest galaxies.

Section of the universe showing some galaxies of various shapes

I love looking into the depths of the universe! The full resolution version is stunning.

Full resolution image (be forewarned, this is a very large image, 6,200 × 6,200 pixels, 61 MB): Hubble Ultra-Deep Field⩘ 

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