Contentment by design

Toshify this!

My caffeine - Striving to bring my full creative intelligence to everything I do.

My touchstone - The insights of our community.

My focus - The online community experience.

My wellspring - Doing this work I enjoy so much.

My balance - Woodworking and walking in the Rockies.

Sight gag: introducing the newly revised edition of one of our manuals (Sanitas) at our annual partytoshify (tōshĭ-fī) tr.v.fied, –fy·ing, –fies
To enhance communication via the application of a creative, lively, user-centric prose.
to′shi·fi′a·ble′shi·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shĕn) n.

[Modern, technology-company jargon. Coined in 2001 by Al Thompson, a software development spec writer at Pinpoint Technologies. Within a short time it spread throughout the company, evolving from a light-hearted joke to a commonly used term.]

Toshen Golias
Lyons, Colorado
Member Society for Technical Communication
Lifetime member American Hiking Society
Lifetime member Lyons Historical Society


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