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By Toshen, KEØFHS – last updated Oct 2017
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Yep, I'm a bit scrappy. My shack is a corner of a desk in my workshop, which is primarily a haven for my woodworking passion. My shop is so full of woodworking tools that there's not a lot of free space, so I have to make use of every cubic inch, for example, the monitor I use when logging into the Raspberry Pi is balanced (securely) on top of the water heater next to my desk, and a phonetic alphabet and morse code chart is taped to the side of the water heater. Hey, it works!

1) Base station

VHF/UHF – Dual band Kenwood TM-V71A with an RC-D710 control panel for APRS. It's a good base station for my purposes, given my focus on local-area emergency communications.

My radios and power supply sitting on the corner of my workshop desk

D-STARKenwood TH-D74A via a DVMEGA DUAL on a Raspberry Pi 3 running DStar Commander. See my D-STAR page for details.

DMRSharkRF openSPOT. See my DMR page for details.

HFKenwood TS-480SAT. Not using this much as I haven't figured out a decent antenna solution yet.


2) Antennas

We basically live on top of solid rock here in the foothills (I guess that's why they call them the Rocky Mountains), so it's crazy difficult to install a ground pole … pounding something into the ground one foot is nearly impossible, let alone eight feet!

So I decided for the time being to put up an antenna only when the weather is fair, that is, no chance of lightning.

I temporarily mount the antennas above my deck, sitting atop a 7′ pole that rises from a mount attached to our deck. It takes me just a few minutes to mount/dismount the antennas using this system.

For VHF/UHF, I use a Diamond X50A. For the MURS radio that I use for emergency preparedness, I use a FireStik MURS 5/8 Wave Base Antenna.

The Diamond X50A antenna rising above our deck


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